What does DRP not do?

We do not take on assignments which we do not feel totally confident in completing to the clients satisfaction. This may mean declining work either in a sector in which we have limited or no experience, or within a function in which we have no more than a passing knowledge. Should this be the case we are happy to recommend alternative firms.

We work almost exclusively on a retained basis. We are not an agency. A key technique for the traditional agency is to identify as many candidates as possible by 'trawling' through an in-house database. In DRP we seek to find candidates for jobs, rather than jobs for candidates. This is reflected in the way we work with our clients, and for each assignment we implement either a new research project or a fresh advertising campaign. Whilst we use our database to identify suitable candidates known to us either by referral or from closed assignments our objective is to find the best candidate, whoever and wherever he or she may be. The best candidate is not always on a database.