Targeted Search or Advertised Selection?

Which is the most effective?

The answer, as ever, is 'it depends'.

It depends on the nature of the role, the level at which it will operate, and the traditional mobility of incumbents in that sector and/or role.

Targeted Search

Where candidates operate at a more senior level, possess specific skills and experience, and are typically found in a limited number of companies, it may be best to conduct a targeted search.

Advertised Selection

Where candidates are likely to be in ample supply, and can be drawn from a wide variety of possible sources, it may be best to advertise.

If advertised selection is the best route, we will discuss with the client the most . appropriate media in which to advertise, ranging from trade press such as Marketing Week, Computing, through to the quality national and International press such as The Financial Times, and the Economist.

It may even be worth doing targeted search and advertised selection at the same time, in particular if one of the objectives is to increase corporate or brand awareness.