The Interview - Overview

Interviews can vary widely, from one-on-one to panel interviews, from ten minutes to two hours, and from one interview to a series of interviews.

Bad interviews are clearly a waste of time and money. However, what constitutes a 'good' interview, and can they be regarded as reliable? The 'unstructured' (conventional) interview is a poor predictor of how individuals will perform in the job. So how do we improve it?

Select the 'best' interviewers by tracking over time those making the most accurate decisions. Train the interviewers to interview and tell them what topics they should cover by preparing a good job specification and a good candidate specification. Take detailed notes. Conduct 'structured' interviews. There is sound evidence to show that structured interviews achieve far better results than 'unstructured' interviews. An example of a structured interview is set out here, which in this instance covers nine specific areas. Each company will have different areas it wishes to cover, and consequently will need to prepare different questions.